Cloud felt his attention drawn to the woman as she placed her foot on his chair-stool. Uncontrollably, he let his eyes drift to her legs, looking over the slender skin and taking in the beauty of them. The stare only lasted a few seconds but what he saw enticed him more than he anticipated. He recognized this confident gesture well. It was one of those coy games women liked to play with him from time to time. The thought that perhaps the woman had done this suggestive body language by accident did enter his mind, but he wasn’t convinced that was the case here. The city had many temptations, including woman who knew exactly what to do to gain a man’s attention—and she looked like a confident woman, not a naive girl. Was she trying to get his attention? The way her legs were slightly spread, and the way she invaded his personal space with her posture made him think so.

He couldn’t help but hold back a chuckle at her comment, though. He found it hard to believe that a woman like her never stood out amongst a crowd--she was a beautiful woman, hardly the making of someone capable of going unnoticed by people, especially men.

Cloud was already interested in her for a few obvious reasons, but when he heard what she had to say next, he almost felt as though he was thrown into the twilight zone.



Was this liquor getting the best of him finally?

Cloud was already intrigued by her role in Shinra but finding out that she knew Zack… that changed the situation entirely. How did she know Zack? Was she a girlfriend of his? a war pal? or maybe even an enemy? So many questions flocked the spaces of his mind. The mercenary was so shocked that he hadn’t even noticed or tried to wipe the dumbstruck look from his usually stone-stiff face. Although he had dozens of questions racing through his mind, Cloud cleared his thoughts and managed to narrow it down; “How do you know Zack?


This time it was Cloud’s turn to make a move; he quickly adjusted his sitting position until he was facing her, hoping to hear just how this Shadow-woman knew him and his best friend from years ago. Instinctively, Cloud began to grow weary of the woman. Could he be sure she wasn’t working undercover for Shinra or some other organization? At this point, he had to make sure.

[OOC] I just think cloud would be weary of anyone that knew him or zack but he didn’t remember them.

The chuckle he gave made her raise an eyebrow, a curious look on her face. Did he not believe her? She looked very different from how she did back then. She had probably matured in her looks to some degree, despite the mako slowing her aging rate. While she had been in training before actually being accepted into third class she’d always worn her hair short and choppy in an attempt to try and look like a boy. She had never really enjoyed the attention she got from being different. After being accepted and receiving the mako injections though she didn’t care as much. She tried to separate herself from the others, and stand out only for her ability to complete missions.

She still wasn’t able to make first class though.

"SOLDIER. I thought it was obvious. I’m only a year younger. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know fine details about him or anything. We were more like acquaintances then anything else." As far as she knew. She had never really asked or figured out what Zack thought of her before his untimely demise. It didn’t stop her from feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt for not stopping what had happened to him. She was also not all that thrilled about revealing how old she was.

Sighing a bit, she watched Cloud for a moment. He seemed to want more details, and though she didn’t really like talking about it she supposed she would. Pausing to finish off her other drink, she signaled for a refill for her kamikaze. She had a decent enough buzz, but she wanted to be a bit more relaxed. “When I heard about Nibelheim, it didn’t make sense to me. I left within a year afterwords because I figured that they had something to do it with it…I’m just..I wish I could have stopped it from happening.” She frowned a bit and looked away.

"I’m sorry that I didn’t." She threw the drink that she had just received back and shook her head.  She drooped slightly, hoping the conversation shifted. She decided to try to shift it, but the question was to where?  She shifted closer to the blond a hand falling to his thigh. She stroked up and down his inner thigh, looking at him.

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